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Autumn Foliage

 Seasons for Growth 

Developed in Australia by MacKillop Seasons, the Seasons for Growth Adult Program is for anyone who is living with the effects of change and loss. Many factors can cause change such as, the loss of someone or something you love, family separation or divorce, impacts of natural disasters, moving to a new place, impact of illness, migration, family work-life changes. The Seasons for Growth adult program builds resilience and promotes the social and emotional wellbeing of adults as they adapt to change, loss and grief in their lives. 


The Seasons for Growth Adult Program has two delivery options:

  • Understanding Change, Loss and Grief - a 3 hour seminar for up to 25 participants, where groups and individuals are seeking to deepen their general understanding of change, loss and grief.

  • Exploring the Seasons of Grief - a small group (4-7 participants) program delivered over 4 sessions. Each participant receives a journal to complete throughout the program.


As the name ‘Seasons for Growth’ implies, the different seasons of the year provides a rich symbolic framework in which to explore issues of change and loss. Drawing on the wide variation in the seasons, both in Australia and elsewhere, the metaphor speaks to the ‘ups and downs’ of life, reflecting both our competence and vulnerability, as well as the unique ways different ‘seasons’ in life are experienced.


The topics covered in each session of the Exploring the Seasons of Grief program include:

Seasons and Change (autumn)

My story and grief reactions (winter)

Feelings and memories (spring)

Choices and moving forward (summer)

It’s the impact of the change, not the event itself that Seasons for Growth focuses on. We suggest that anyone affected by bereavement wait 6-12 months before participating in a Seasons for Growth program.

Download the Adult Program factsheet and contact us today to find out when the next program is running or to request a program to be facilitated in your workplace.


"The application of the four seasons was extremely helpful"
- Past SFG participant

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