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 End of Life Planning 

Despite the fact we all know we're going to die someday, many people put off their end of life planning. This can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache for those left behind.  


We are able to assist you complete most of your end of life planning requirements, and for more complex legal estate matters can refer you to an appropriate provider matched to your individual needs.

Ideally, you should have end of life plans in place once you turn 18 and these should be reviewed regularly - we suggest at least every two years - and when your circumstances change.

Read on for a list of documents and plans you should have prepared, depending on your individual situation you may only need some of them.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person to make decisions and act on your behalf in relation to property, financial. personal care and health care matters should you be incapable of acting for yourself.

Will & Estate Planning

A will is a legal document that outlines how your assets and property should be distributed after your death. A will contains other important information such as the appointment of an executor, who is responsible for carrying out the terms of the will.

Advance Care Plan

Your Advance Care Plan, is your instructions for your health care should you become incapacitated due to an illness, injury or accident. In the ACT, it is made up of two parts - your Statement of Choices and a Health Directive.

Dying at Home Plan

If you have a life limiting illness and your preference is to die at home (rather than in hospital or in a medical facility) it is imperative that you put a plan in place early to increase the chances of your wishes being fulfilled. 

Digital Legacy

Your digital legacy plan provides direction on what is to happen with your digital assets including online bank accounts, social media, digital music subscriptions etc. It should include the nomination of a person or persons to deactivate accounts and action any legacy actions with service providers.


An emotional will outlines your wishes and preferences for your emotional and personal matters after your death. It can include instructions for how you would like personal items distributed and may contain personal stories, reflections or life lessons you'd like to share with those left behind. 

Funeral Plan

Your funeral plan includes how you would like your body to be disposed of (i.e. burial or cremation), what, if any, ceremony you would like and your preferences throughout - music, readings, speakers, contents of your eulogy, doves or butterflies - its all up to you.

EOL Planning Fees and Terms of Service

  • End of life planning services are $250, per plan type mentioned above. If you purchase multiple plans a discount is available. We provide a 10% discount to Senior Card holders.

  • The service includes a 15 minute initial phone discussion to confirm that our services are right for you and your situation, if they are not we will make appropriate referrals to assist you.

  • If our service is right for you, it will commence with a 60-90 minute face to face appointment in your home or office to thoroughly discuss your options, individual situation and to support you to become clear on your wishes for the specific plan.

  • You will be provided with a draft of your plan within 3 days of your appointment. This provides you with some time to reflect, research and note any adjustments you would like made to your plan.

  • Once you confirm you are happy with your draft plan, a final version will be completed and provided to you, along with instructions for signing and executing the documents (if legally required).

  • Our planning services include discussion on who you should provide copies of your plan/s to and how often (or in what circumstances) you should review your plan.

  • Payment is required at the first appointment and can be made via Debit or Credit Card (Visa of MasterCard).

  • We have appointment times from 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday.

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"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

- Alan Lakein

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