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   Funeral Advocacy 

Funeral advocacy supports individuals and families to plan and arrange memorials, funerals, ceremonies or celebrations of life, that align with your personal values, beliefs, and preferences. We work with you to understand all the available options, make informed decisions and create meaningful funeral experiences.

Funeral advocacy can be especially valuable for individuals who are planning a funeral for the first time, who are on a limited budget, or who are seeking a non-traditional or alternative funeral experience.

You want to have a funeral at home - let's do it.

You want to have a direct cremation and no funeral - lets show you how.

You've lost a loved one overseas and want to have a vigil here at the same time as the funeral - we're on it.

Whatever your situation we can help.


We can provide information and guidance on funeral options, legal requirements and costs. And we'll help you to understand the pros and cons of different choices.


We can plan and coordinate all aspects of the funeral, from choosing a funeral provider and coffin to the music and readings for the service.

Advocacy & Support

We can serve as a liaison between the family and funeral provider, helping you to navigate the complex and often confusing funeral industry. We can assist to ensure that your wishes are respected and that you are not taken advantage of during a difficult and emotional time.

Funeral Celebrant Services

We conduct personalised and meaningful funeral services that honour the life of the deceased and bring comfort to those left behind. This can be particularly helpful if you are not affiliated with a specific religious tradition or are seeking a non-traditional or alternative funeral option.

"Funeral advocacy is about creating a culture of openness and honesty around death and dying"
- Unknown

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