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 Past Events 

August 2023: Emotional Wills

In honour of Dying to Know Day, we explored the concept of Emotional Wills and the knowledge we wish had been given to us, including words of wisdom, recipe's, music and more tangible things such as paintings and needlework.


July 2023: DonateLife Week Morning Tea

In July we had a discussion about Organ and Tissue Donation while learning how to make pocket hearts. It was a beautiful morning with heartfelt conversation and a crafty feel.

May 2023: Palliative Care

In May we discussed what Palliative Care is, how it can support you or someone you care for to have a better quality of life. We explored how Palliative Care is a holistic model of care which incorporates not just the person but their entire family.

April 2023: Funerals and body disposal

We had a great discussion in April about the emerging trends in body disposal including Natural burial, water cremation and body composting. We also learned about some different cultural approaches to funerals and body disposal.


March 2023: Advance Care Planning

In March we discussed Advance Care Planning. The group pondered questions around what we would like at end of life, what are the non-negotiable in our lives and what type of medical interventions we'd want (and more importantly not want).


February 2023: The Death Deck

In February we spent the morning playing with 'The Death Deck' and discussing topics ranging from cryogenics, donating our bodies to science, our last wishes and whether we'd want to attend our own funeral.


August 2023: Death over Dinner

On Dying to Know Day, we held a Death over Dinner. There were lively discussions based around questions in the Death Deck... including would you want to meditate in your coffin? I mean now, not after you die.


September 2023: End of Life Planning

In September we explored the key documents that you should have in place as part of your End of Life Plan - Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Care Plan, Will & Estate Planning and Funeral Plans.

Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor

March 2024: Advance Care Planning

A lively group gathered to discuss the in's and out's of Advance Care Planning we reviewed the ACP planning documents, gave each other much food for thought and enjoyed a great cuppa too!

Advance Care planning infographic final_edited.jpg

October 2023: Funeral Options

In October we discussed Funeral Options. From burial to cremation options and emerging options like water cremation, solidified remains, and options for use of ashes.

Japanese Funeral

“It is a great question among men, whether man can be mortal and blessed.”
- St. Augustine

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